Can we make love during our period?

Every month, a woman is disturbed for a few days by her period. It is a period that can appear painful for certain women. But should we deprive our partner of sex during this period? Can we make love during our period? 

It is possible and it is without risk 

From a physical or medical point of view, there is nothing to prevent you from having sex during your period, but before doing so you must obtain your partner's consent. If during this period, your partner wants you, and you want him/her, then go ahead and enjoy it. Note, however, that the period is somewhat similar to pregnancy.

During menstruation, some women have a strong sexual desire because of hormonal changes, but others have no desire at all. She finds sex during her period painful, dirty, and disgusting. Sex during menstruation is possible, but it depends on the desire and consent of each person. If your partner agrees to have sex during her period, however, you should protect yourself to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infection. 

How do you have sex during your period? 

There is no one way to have sex during your period. Just act as if nothing happened and give it your all. But be sure to remove your tampon first for comfort. Also, if you don't remove the tampon, you risk it getting stuck in your vagina because of the penetrations, and it can be difficult to remove.

To protect your bed from possible blood stains, use a dark-colored pad. It will be easier to clean. Sex can also be made outside the bed. It is very pleasant to do it in the shower. The water will easily clean the blood spills. However, whether in bed or in the shower, make sure your partner uses a condom.